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What is an MP3 Player?

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In simple terms, an mp3 player is a type of electronic device that is designed to play MPEG, MPEG-1 Layer 3 or otherwise known as “MP3” files and other similar coded formats. It’s a recent innovation in music formats which allow any user to enjoy several music tracks anytime, anywhere compared to a standard CD player, walkman, and cassette player.

Basically, the idea of creating such a device is for everyone to enjoy listening to countless songs without having to carry bulky music players along with CD’s and cassette tapes. MP3 files are compressed files and it can be stored in these devices without using too much space. At the same time, mp3 players are usually compact in design to provide utmost convenience and redefine the way we listen to music.

While walkmans and CD players provide that kind of mobility which most of us are looking for, they still lack the ability to store volumes of music files for us to enjoy. Aside from that, most of these devices are now considered obsolete since the music files they play are digitally coded in a different format. Furthermore, the transfer of files from one device to another is not possible since most of these outdated devices are not designed to be compatible when connected to the PC. Hence, making these devices inefficient and cannot satisfy the current demand of the public.

MP3 players revolutionized the way we listen to music in such a way that consumers can now carry thousands of music files and listen to it wherever they go. All that stored music can be accessed any time by the user and are conveniently stored in a device only weighing less than a pound! This is one of the main reasons why mp3 players became very popular as it saves you the hassle of carrying bulky players and CD’s anywhere you go because you can now carry these things inside your pocket!

Mp3 audio players are primarily used for playing music, but they also include other functions such as photo viewing, digital calendar, alarm, and internet service. Other advanced technologies also include mp3 player with Bluetooth to pair with other Bluetooth devices for easy transfer of files and waterproof mp3 player so it can be used even in wet environments.



Development Of MP3 Player Devices

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Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft Company is widely considered as the developers of the MP3 technology with Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, Bernhard Grill, Ernst Eberlein, Thomas Sporer, and Bernd Kurten as the main inventors according to the United States MP3 patent. The Fraunhofer Institut Integrierte Schaltungen made a research in high quality (low bit-rate) audio coding in 1987. This initiative was named the EUREKA project EU147 of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

In 1977, Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, often hailed as the “father of MP3” had been developing methods of compressing music. He was aided by the brilliant professor named Dieter Seitzer who has been working on technologies which can enhance the quality of music being transferred on a standard telephone line. Their research took years to be fully developed until in 1999, the first model of MP3 player units was made available to the public. These devices were made solely for playing mp3 files and additional features were not yet included. In other words, they were fairly superseded compared to the ones we are using today.

Soon after, premier electronic companies began manufacturing their own mp3 player units. Some of the notable companies who were able to produce high quality mp3 devices are Sony (who previous led in the walkman trade), Sharp, and Samsung (with their famous Samsung mp3 player MCD-MP67 model) just to name a few. Their products became a hit to customers that other electronic companies have also decided to join the mp3 bandwagon and produce their own models of mp3 players.




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Through the years, the mp3 player has been modified into different types so it can go along with the preference of the user. The modifications are based on certain factors like the functionality of the device, storage space capacity, as well as the projected price where most consumers are willing to pay. Here are the 4 basic types of mp3 players we are commonly using today:

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Flash Memory Players– Basically, it’s a flash drive and an mp3 player in one. This device is considered to be the smallest and probably the lightest among all types of mp3 players to carry around. It can store up to 2,000 songs as it has a memory of 8GB. Battery life of these devices can last up to 8 hours before the next charge. And since it has no moving parts, flash memory players are recommended for active people who are always on the go.

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Hard Drive/Mini-Hard Drive – Hard drive players are larger as they can store up to 20,000+ songs. Not only that, they can also store picture files, videos, and other data. The disadvantage however, is they can consume a lot of power (from 8-20 hours max.).  Hard Drive and mini hard drive players include moving parts which may skip some songs. Though some units have anti-shock buffers to prevent skipping.

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Mini Disc MP3 Player – Basically, it’s a combination of the usual CD player and an mp3 player. This cheap mp3 player is practical considering the kind of functionality it brings and it can also play other file formats like the trademarked ATRAC3 from Sony, WMA, and WAV file formats. The same device can also store PC files like MS Excel files and PowerPoint presentations. The downside: it runs mostly on AA batteries which can only last for up to 30 hours.

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Mp3 Player Hybrid – These devices offer other functionalities aside from playing music files like the mp3 sunglasses, mp3 player-Swiss Army knife combo, swim goggles, satellite radios, personal digital assistants, and etc.



The Top MP3 Players For Sale Right Now

Here are some of the best mp3 players we can recommend you to check right now:

11. SONY NW-ZX2 High-Resolution Audio Walkman 128GB MP3 (Global version) – This device is one of the second generation of walkmans from Sony. And without a doubt, this product comes with even better features compared to its predecessor. For starters, this model supports MP3 file formats, which is very unlikely considering that the company once concentrated their efforts on promoting the standard walkman device. Aside from that, here are the other features you can enjoy once you purchase the SONY NW-ZX2 walkman today:

– 128 GB of memory (roughly equivalent 32,000 music files)

– Wireless Capability such a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC

– Digital Amplifier (S-Master HX variety)

– Battery life is far more efficient compared to other competing brands – 33 hours if used with Hi-Res audio and a massive 60 hours when used with standard MP3 settings alone.

– Charging time is fairly lower at 4.5 hours approx.

– DSEE HX feature can store music files.

Due to its sleek design, the SONY NW-ZX2 walkman is recommended for individuals who live an active lifestyle. It is also recommended for those looking for a durable mp3 player as this device is made by one of the reputable brands in consumer electronics.

22. Zune 120 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) – Zune is fairly new to the electronics trade, but they surely created a beauty in this one of a kind device. This deluxe player comes with a massive memory which can virtually allow you to store thousands of songs with just a single click. And apart from that, it also comes with a video player with extraordinary video quality. The Zune 120 GB Video MP3 Player allows anyone to buy music directly from the device and tap into FM stations so you will never stop listening to your favorite tunes. Plus, it also comes with these other cool features:

– User can download millions of track and still have room for storing podcasts and other files.

– Connected with Zune Pass so you can easy access your subscription and download/purchase any song that you want.

– Wireless ready and can be connected to your home network right away (internet-capable)

– Can store up to 30,000+ songs, 25,000 images, and has 375 hours (approx.) of video time

– 3.2 inch colored LCD with 320 by 240 pixel display so you can fully optimize your listening experience.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to charge the device 30 minutes and disconnect and reconnect the cord so the device will turn on.

33. COWON X9 4.3 Inch 32 GB Touch Screen Video MP3 Player (White) – Modern, sleek, and totally attractive… These are the words you can use to describe when you grace your eyes at this wonderful product. The Cowon X9 may look like your typical mobile phone, but this device is actually an MP3 player with lots of amazing features:

– All in one audio player, video player, and FM tuner

– Voice recorder

– Text and photo viewer

– 4.3 touch screen LCD display, an advance feature that sets this device apart from the rest.

– Micro SD card slot

– Supports MP3, WAV, OGG, Xvid SP/ASP, FLAG, APE, WMX formats

The best thing about this device is the interface of the player. It’s very functional and absolutely user-friendly. It makes it easier for first time users to understand the functions without having to read the manual. Aside from that, the touch screen feature is simply awesome!

And the overall design is quite unique for an MP3 player. Moreover, the size and weight of the product is suitable for everyday usage. Whether you are jogging at the park or lounging at the nearby café for an afternoon break, the Cowon X9 is your ideal companion to provide great music for your listening pleasure.

44. SanDisk Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player with MicroSD Expansion Slot (Black) – SanDisk is most recognized as one of the leaders in flash memory and the Sansa e260 is their flagship device in the SanDisk audio line. Basically, this product will provide everything that you need in a flash mp3 player from music, photo viewing, and even video clip play back.

As for the music, the user can conveniently drag and drop any files from the Internet Explorer to the destination folder. Whether you are using Windows Media player or any related program, the e260 will work just fine! Just make sure to read the instructions before installing the software from the CD and you transfer tracks effortlessly anytime you like.

As for the photos and images, the program that is included in the CD installer is absolutely simple to use. Images which are taken horizontally are cropped during display while the ones taken vertically are shown in full. And the image quality is by far one of the most remarkable features you can appreciate when you get this product today.

And as for the videos, totally the best!

Indeed, the SanDisk e260 device is well thought out! That’s why it’s all the more recommended that you check out this product and buy one today.